Author: Nicole Rizzo

4 Times You’ll be Glad You Have Commercial Property Maintenance

If you own commercial property, you know that your investment comes with its own share of headaches. Things break, things need to be maintained, and it takes effort and time to keep your property looking great. For all these reasons and more, it pays to have a partner for commercial property maintenance

Commercial property maintenance helps protect your investment

Having a partner to help with commercial property maintenance means that there is another set of eyes on your investment. The crew will work to keep the property looking great. And because they’re keeping a close eye on it, they’ll likely spot any problems ahead of the game so that those small problems can be addressed before they become big ones.    

You’ll be glad after that next big snow storm

Hiring a company dedicated to your property maintenance might also include plowing services. This means that next time Mother Nature decides to dump the white stuff all over town, you won’t have to deal with removing it. Professional snow removal provides safety for your customers and much needed maintenance for your property. It’s also one less thing you’ll have to worry about. 

Keeping tabs on your parking lot

Parking lots take more of a beating than most people realize. And when you live in a place that deals with snow and the corrosive effects of salt in the winter, the wear and tear is even worse. Having a professional company keeping tabs on the upkeep of your parking lot will alert you to potential problems well in advance and probably keep your parking area in good shape for much longer than the alternative.  

Property maintenance keeps things looking sharp

Another great aspect of having property maintenance come by regularly is you’ll have much less garbage and debris laying around. When they take care of your property that will include the removal of any trash that’s found its way there. Your customers will definitely notice the difference. 

The Advantages of Letting the Pros Handle Snow Removal

As the months of epic snowstorms descend on Colorado, one thing is certain, the snow plows will be out in full force. Imagine what your commute would be like without these road warriors. If you’re a business owner, you also have to think about your property, and you should definitely let the pros handle snow removal this year. 

Increased safety with professional snow removal

One of the top reasons for letting the pros handle snow removal this year is safety—yours and your customers. The professionals will be the ones up early to brave the icy and snow-covered roads to clear the way for you to conduct business. They also know exactly what they’re doing ensuring the safe removal of the white stuff and a parking area that will be safe for your customers.   

Speedy snow removal

Professional snow removal is also fast. In fact, snow plow drivers or truck drivers with plows on their front end are usually up hours before the rest of us to get the roads and parking lots cleared in time for a morning commute. Just think about that extra time warm in your bed that you won’t have to worry about how much snow fell overnight because someone else is taking care of it for you.  

Convenience and results

Companies that handle snow removal are also well-equipped for the service. They have trucks and plows, and specialized equipment to help them haul the snow away in the event that too much fell during a storm. Hiring someone to handle this for you is one less thing you’ll have to worry about as a business owner, and will deliver results.  

One less thing to worry about

As a business owner you probably have a lot on your mind from your financials to how best to serve your customers. You should spend more time worrying about those things, and more time doing the things that you’re really good at than worrying about silly things like snow removal. While it’s a necessity for the safe operation of a business, leaving it to the pros clears more mental space and time for you to worry about the important things. 

What You Can Expect During Your Parking Lot Striping Project

Maintaining parking lot striping is the responsibility of the property owner. Without clear striping, visitors to the building won’t know where to park, the parking area will be disorganized, and a lack of clear directional markers could even cause an accident. If you’re a property owner with striping that you use a refresh, here’s what you can expect during the project. 

The first step in parking lot striping

The best way to begin a new striping project, or to refresh an existing one, is to check the area for any potholes or cracks first. If any are found, those should be repaired before new striping paint is added. This will ensure the most effective striping and will go a long way in keeping the parking lot striping lines in great shape for years to come.   

Temporarily relocate current parking

While your parking lot undergoes new striping, you’ll need to figure out a way to relocate the cars that regularly park there. If those cars belong to employees, you’ll need to find an offsite place for them to park. If customers regularly park in the space, you’ll need to arrange somewhere close by that they can park instead and clear directional signage so that they know exactly where to go. 

Clear away dirt and debris before parking lot striping

Clearing away dirt and debris is as important as surveying the integrity of the asphalt or concrete for potholes and cracks. A clean base on which to apply paint will ensure that the paint adheres better and will extend the lifespan of the striping. If you skip this step, strping paint will easily fleck away during the next high wind or rainstorm, or even underneath regular traffic. 

Leave the rest up to the pros

Parking lot striping should be done by a professional group with experience and that knows what they’re doing. It requires specialized tools to get the lines exactly as they should. Professionals will also ensure compliance with handicap parking, fire lanes, and more. 

4 Benefits of Residential Snow Removal Services This Winter

When the flakes start flying in late fall or early winter, it’s a sure bet that snow removal will soon follow. Maybe you don’t have the equipment on hand, many you don’t want to rise before the sun to get rid of the snow before anyone needs to leave, or maybe you’d just rather stay warm and snug under the covers for a bit longer. If you’re not up for doing it yourself this year, here are four benefits of residential snow removal that you should consider right now. 

We’ll bring the equipment to handle residential snow removal

For small driveways, a simple shovel might do the trick, but not before exhausting you before your day has even started. Local Motion has all the equipment ready to go that will make residential snow removal lightning fast and efficient. We have snow blowers, ATVs, plow trucks with 6 or 8 foot blades, front end loaders, skid skeers, and dump trucks for hauling. We have you covered no matter if the storm leaves a couple of inches behind or several feet.   

Keep up your curb appeal

Admit it, after a few snow storms and consistent cold temperatures, the piles of icy grey snow at the end of your driveway are pretty unsightly. Leave removal up to Local Motion and improve your curb appeal immediately. Our fleet of equipment can handle a major snow storm, or removal of snow after several storms. Call us today to learn more about our residential snow removal services.  

Prevent accidents with residential snow removal

Having someone take care of snow removal for you means you’ll be less vulnerable to accidents related to snow or ice. These accidents could happen walking across your driveway or driving your car onto the road. By having a professional company handle snow removal, they can pull out all the stops to make sure you’re as safe as possible after the storm has passed. 

Don’t lose any time 

Face it, when you wake up in the morning to find that snow has fallen over night that will need to be dealt with before you can leave for work, that scenario can easily add an hour or more to your morning routine. Don’t chance being late to work. Instead, count on the pros to handle it for you so that when you peek out the window before heading out to start your car, your driveway will be cleared and ready to go. 

Commercial Building Solutions You Need Right Now

If you own a commercial building you know just how much time and money it takes keeping it up. You might not mind spending the money on your investment, but you probably mind the time. Did you know there are companies out there who will handle all the care and commercial building solutions you need right now, tomorrow, next week, and even next year? Here are just a few of the property maintenance services you might be thankful to have. 

Landscaping is a must have care and commercial building solution

Of all the care and commercial building solutions, landscaping is one of the most important. Your landscaping sends a message to customers whether you like it or not. Having a dedicated maintenance crew that will come in every few months to give your landscaping a cleaning and refresh will go a long way in leaving a great first impression with visitors.  

Snow removal

After a heavy snow, you need specialized equipment to move the snow from parking lots and sidewalks. Not to mention the need to get up really early to accomplish this, well before your customers might head your way. Why not leave these early hours and heavy lifting to a property maintenance company that will take care of snow removal for you.  

Parking lot maintenance is another must have care and commercial building solution

There is a lot more that goes into keeping a parking lot in ship shape than immediately comes to mind. Unless you’re up for regular sandblasting, flatwork, asphalt work, striping, painting, and even, at times, graffiti removal, why not leave your parking lot care up to the pros. The best companies can handle all of the jobs for you at any point in time.  

General handyman work

When things go wrong, it’s also nice to have someone else to depend upon to fix the problems. A reputable property management company can do that for you and more. If you’re a commercial property owner there isn’t another minute to waste. Leave the little problems to someone else while you continue focusing on growing your business and it’s bottom line. 

Reliable Property Maintenance Services That You Need

If you’re a property owner, you know that a lot of time, investment, and hard work go into maintaining your property. You’re probably also a busy person with plenty of other obligations besides property maintenance. If that sounds like your reality, you should consider reliable property maintenance services like these below that mean you won’t even have to worry that these important things are getting done.

Landscaping one of reliable property maintenance services you need

Landscaping is a chore, but caring for the exterior space of your property goes a long way in improving its appearance and curb appeal. If you don’t have time for weeds, consider signing a regular maintenance contract with a reputable company in your area to take care of it for you. With reliable property maintenance services, your property never looked so good.   

All the small things

Busy property owners don’t have time to take care of all the little things that need to be addressed. Consider hiring a maintenance company to regularly clear your property of litter, to pressure wash at regular intervals, to sweep, or remove any graffiti that finds its way to your space. Having a company you can count on for when these needs creep up is a valuable thing.   

Seasonal reliable property maintenance services

When the snow blows, snow bunnies rejoice and property owners cringe because they know it means snow removal. Leaving this service up to a reliable property maintenance service is a no brainer. Reputable companies that handle snow removal are usually up before the sun plowing and treating slick surfaces keeping you and your customers safe.   

Miscellaneous needs

It’s also nice to have a maintenance company in your pocket should needs arise, especially one with handyman skills. Also look for a partner that can handle fixes to your parking area, painting for parking spaces, and other sandblasting or painting services that you might need in the future. You’re a real estate investor, leave the small things up to someone you can count on to be there in a pinch and take care of your property like it’s their own. 

Signs It’s Time for Denver Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is a common material used in the construction of roads, highways, runways, driveways, and more. The material is ultra durable, but it isn’t infallible and can, over time, degrade. If you’re a property owner with an asphalt service under your care, here are a few signs that it might be time for Denver asphalt repair

Warping calls for Denver asphalt repair

Warping can happen in either direction and be caused by the environment above or below your asphalt service. If a heavy vehicle or recreational machine is parked in one place for a long period of time, it could cause the asphalt to form depressions in the surface. If problems arise in the foundation of the surface, this could also cause warping requiring Denver asphalt repair.  

Alligator cracks are a sign of trouble

Alligator cracks look exactly like they are described—like the skin of an alligator. These form over time and continue to get worse. Initial cracks might not need to be fixed right away. But eventually, you will need to call in an asphalt repair crew to address the problem because it will continue to get worse.   

Sinking and potholes

Sinking and potholes occur in asphalt surfaces when the foundation of the surface, or the ground below, gives way. They are often caused by water seeping into cracks, which freezes and expands during winter months. This repeated freezing and thawing makes an initial crack much bigger and more problematic. Potholes are definitely a reason to call in a professional repair crew.   

Draining issues could call for Denver asphalt repair

Underlying drainage issues can signal a future problem is headed your way with your asphalt surface. If water stands on the surface, it can slowly seep into small cracks and erode the foundation. And as mentioned before, repeated freezing and thawing of water can cause big problems pretty quickly. If you suspect that you have a drainage issue afoot, you should call in a professional repair company for a thorough inspection. 

Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Tips

Business owners have a responsibility to their clients and customers to ensure their safety in the parking lot outside of the business. When a parking lot is in bad shape with people unable to see the lines differentiating one parking spot from another, car accidents are more likely. Not to mention the dangers that lurk when the surface begins failing, chipping away at the concrete or asphalt and leaving gaping potholes big enough to swallow a whole tire in their wake. If your parking lot could use some love, here are a few tips from professionals specializing in parking lot repair

Parking lot repair comes first 

If your parking lot is in bad shape, the best first thing you can do is to call in a professional parking lot repair company to access the damage. They will work up a quote on getting the space back to brand new. This might include milling of the existing surface to remove failing concrete or asphalt which is followed by adding new base material and regrading the lot before installing and compacting new asphalt. Painting and striping will follow before you’re left with a great looking parking lot that will serve you for years to come if well maintained. 

Keep it clean

Once your new parking lot is finished, it’s important to keep it clean. This offers a great first impression to new customers when visiting your business. It also allows the property owner to inspect the lot at regular intervals so that you can spy any small problems that could quickly become big ones with a little immediate attention. It’s important to regularly look for damage especially if your parking lot has a lot of customer traffic. 


To go an extra step in protecting your parking lot, you can discuss sealcoating with your parking lot professionals. Seal coating is the application of a thin layer of sealant on top of your parking lot surface that will protect it from harsh elements like UV rays, salt, water, oil, and even gas. Experts agree that seal coating the surface every few years can extend the life span of your parking lot surface by more than double.

Consider a maintenance contract

People who run businesses are busy. And you’d probably like to spend your time actually running your business and doing the things you’re good at and that make you money. Consider signing a maintenance contract with a Denver parking lot repair company and leave the care of this space completely in their hands giving you one less thing to worry about.

Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1990 and provided for legal protections for American with disabilities. One item included in that bill is the recommendation to businesses that they incorporate handicap-specific parking in their parking lots. If you don’t have them, there is no time like the present and a crew specializing in parking lot striping is exactly what you need. 

Problematic parking signals  

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to bring in a parking lot striping crew is if your clients and customers are parking badly. Their bad parking jobs might not be through any fault of their own, and could, in fact, be because your parking lot striping isn’t signalling where they should park. If you’re seeing this happen, or getting a lot of complaints from your customers about parking, maybe it’s time to consider a paint job. 

Handicapped spots aren’t so obvious

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates the existence of handicap parking spots within your parking lot by a specific ratio determined by your total number of spots. If you don’t have handicapped spots, or if it’s hard to tell which ones are which, maybe it’s time to call in a painting crew to make those spots, enforced by law, easier to see.  You could also be fined for not having them by the town or state in which you live. 

Foundation issues in your parking lot

If parking lines are the least of your worries because your parking lot is riddled with potholes or crumbling cement or asphalt that is in terrible shape, it might be time to consider a newly laid parking lot. Your customer will appreciate the investment. If you do pour a new parking lot, hiring a parking lot striping crew will be the inevitable next step.  

It’s been a while

Parking lot striping is exposed to the constant onslaught of weather, harsh sunlight, and constant traffic. Over time, the paint does fade naturally. If it’s been a while since you had your lot striped, say 5 years or more, it might be time to call in a crew and get a quote on a restriping project.

Get Your Denver Parking Lot Repair From These Guys

As a business owner, you might not give much thought to your parking lot. This is valuable real estate, however, and if it’s not well-cared for or in terrible shape, it’s often a first impression that you might unknowingly be leaving with potential customers. Parking lots also present safety risks and keeping them well cared for could spare you legal headaches down the road. Weather does a number on parking lots, and if yours could use a facelift, you should get your parking lot repair from these guys. 

Signs you need parking lot repair 

It’s pretty easy to see if parking lot repair will be in your near future. Tell tale signs include potholes, cracked cement or asphalt, areas where water pools, warping of the parking lot’s surface, and fading. For safety reasons, it’s important to have clearly marked parking spaces and directional arrows on your parking lot too. If any of these sound like something you see on a daily basis on your property, it’s time to call the parking lot repair pros.  

Choosing a parking lot repair company

There are plenty of parking lot repair companies to choose from. But why settle for anything less than the best? Find a company with a long reputation in the Denver metro area that can bring your parking area back to its prime and might even be able to handle other external needs that you might have in the future. 

Getting the job done

On the day your repair job starts, you can expect a crew to show up bright and early to get the work started. Depending on the extent of the repairs necessary, you might have new asphalt spread and cured, or sealing of existing parking lot surface, as well as new striping. Depending on the size of the parking lot, the work could be done in no time flat minimizes the inconvenience to your customers.  

Consider a maintenance contract with a parking lot repair company

If you plan on taking on the expense of a parking lot repair project, you probably want to protect that investment for years to come. Choose a parking lot company that handles other types of external maintenance too and maybe one that offers annual maintenance contract on the work that they did. With this agreement, they come out and inspect the parking lot for any cracks or problems that might happen over time, and address them while they’re still relatively small issues saving you time and money.