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What Kind of Paint Do You Use for Parking Lot Lines?

Artists use acrylics and home owners use flat paint and semi-gloss. Every type of industry uses a specific tool that compliments the work that is involved. It’s no different with property maintenance, residential and commercial. Highways, parking lots and even driveways need specific paint products that will last longer than average paint. The lines you notice when you’re pulling into a parking spot help others park at a safe distance from your car, and give guidance as to what to expect at the location around them. Whether you’re looking to restripe your entire lot or put a fresh new coat, your parking lot striping Denver contractors can seal and coat your commercial lot efficiently and in no time.

Striping is important for both aesthetics and safety, and it must be used cautiously with asphalt and concrete repairs Denver. Striping on concrete requires rubber paint for maximum adherence, while striping asphalt requires a waterborne coating. Temperatures must be 45 degrees fahrenheit or above before striping or sealing occurs, too. This temperature is essential for getting the most out of the paint when it is applied. You’ll mostly likely run into paints that are oil and water based, and canned aerosol paints. Aerosol line paint is proven to be the easiest paint to apply, especially when you just need a minor touch-up here and there. It is no replacement for the real deal, but it’ll do the job until the pros get there. It’s also wise to figure how much you’ll be spending on this canned paint, which can be tricky to assess at first. Chances are if you’re finding yourself spending more than you’d like, maybe it’s time to call the parking lot striping Denver professionals for an accurate quote. Oil-based paint is also a great product for striping the lot. If there aren’t restrictions against using oil-based paint, you may want to ask your local contractor about this excellent paint type. That said, for environmental purposes, oil-based paint has been banned in some states. And so the use of water-based (or waterborne) paint has been the go-to, environmentally friendly replacement. Use of water-based paint can be tricky, but with the help of a trusted professional, you can get it done correctly. It is highly sought after and one of the most widely-used lot striping paints!

When 75% of your parking lot’s lines’ visibility is reduced, you would typically need your lot re-striped or resurfaced. However, it is said that most commercial lots get it done every two years. This would all depend on the amount of traffic you get,  too. The heavier the traffic, the more likely you are to need a touch up here and there and more frequently. The good news is that it typically doesn’t take anymore than 30 minutes for the paint to dry, but the lot should remain vacant for at least an hour. You may need two coats to create thick and more visible lines in some areas of the lot, too. If you’re a new commercial lot owner, you may not be completely aware of the laws stemming around parking lot maintenance. Perhaps you know little of them. Your parking lot needs to be compliant with the The Americans with Disabilities Act which your parking lot striping Denver contractor is mostly aware of. These laws simply help you and your customers remain in a safe environment for all of your customers, no matter their abilities. Should you fail to meet these requirements, you’ll be asked to reconfigure the lot so as to create a suitable environment for those with disabilities.

The importance of finding the right contactor is just as important as choosing the paint for your lot project. The skilled team at Local Motion provides concrete and asphalt paving, striping, snow removal Denver, and even landscaping options. Contact them today for a quote on your lot!

How Do I Fix A Hole In My Asphalt Driveway?

The weather plays a huge role in all of our lives. From winter to summer, your driveway sure takes a beating! Even if you live in a beautiful warmer climate, you’ll still have to keep up with your driveway and landscape. So what happens when you have a giant hole in the middle of your asphalt driveway? Well, fixing the whole requires dedication and the right tools. There’s no do-it-yourself resurfacing solution that will fix it for good. Luckily, a temporary solution can be in place until the expert Denver asphalt repair team can tend to the job.

There’s A Hole In My Driveway!

If you find a hole of any kind in your asphalt, it’s best to tackle the issue right away. Pavement issues happen all the time, even though pavement is made to stand up to the heavy weight of traffic and weather. But over time, it will deteriorate and wear. Raveling is a common issue with asphalt and it’s usually the result of the breakdown of the pavement, involving a lot of loose gravel and dirt. Depression is another asphalt issue typically caused by poor compacting by a local Denver asphalt repair team. Alligator cracking is typically spotted on heavy traffic sites, such as roads or even commercial lots. This is caused by a structural failure and is common over time. Block cracking is another poor paving technique. Older and dried out asphalt will also cause this to occur. Potholes are common and happen during weather changes, heavy traffic and standing water. Another common asphalt issue is edge cracks. This is produced by heavy traffic, poor drainage, and inadequate underlying, and is spotted near the edge of the pavement.

This is where you put your DIY cap on and create a temporary fix for your asphalt failure. These careful steps will stop the problem from getting worse while keeping your family and friends safe.

Discerning the type of crack or hole you have in your asphalt and how it occurred will determine if necessary steps for your temporary repair. Remember, this is a temporary fix and only a Denver asphalt repair expert will be able to bring the job to completion.

First, make sure you gather your tools, such as weeding gloves, caulking gun, and a broom for cleanup. You may want to grab a hammer for leveling the filled in hole. Next, assess the size of the damage. Anything bigger than two square feet should be done by a professional. Next they’ll remove any weeds that are around the area and identify the filler for your asphalt (the mixture of tar and rocks). This can come in 50 lb bags. You’ll then wet the soil prior to getting started. Have your broom or shovel ready to take the debris out of the hole to make sure that the soil is wet and ready for compacting. If your hole is deep, you’ll want to fill it with material such as rocks or limestone to ensure that once you apply the asphalt filler, it is even with the rest of your driveway. Now you add the filler! It needs to be at least an inch higher than your driveway. To ensure this, you’ll need to level the filler. A hand tamper or compactor would be used for larger holes; however, a hammer will suffice for smaller ones.

This temporary solution makes all the difference in the appearance and functionality of your driveway. So when you are ready, call the Denver asphalt repair experts at Local Motion Services today so you can get your driveway back to its old self again.

What are the Types of Commercial Property?

Commercial real estate has many uses for many businesses. From condo buildings to recreational use, you’ll see all kinds of businesses taking up commercial space. While you may find many different kinds of businesses inhabiting a commercial building or property, there are just a few categories these businesses fall under. What’s more, who keeps up with the building maintenance? Does the entire building or lot fall under one owner? Who’s responsible to call the commercial property maintenance Denver contractors? To better answer these questions, let’s take a look at the types of commercial property .

Commercial Property Types

More than likely you’ve seen a condo building, so you know that the majority (if not all) of the spaces in that building are used for renting or lodging. Each commercial property is maintained by the person or group who owns the entire building. Several owners may be involved in one large commercial property. Here are 5 types of properties you’ll find:

  • Industrial – Industrial commercial properties involve tenants who usually use this facility for storage or manufacturing only. With industrial properties, the building’s exterior will look somewhat classy and professional, but maintain an overall clean appearance. Industrial buildings will include a variety of tenants that range from flex and bulk warehouses to storage spaces that are individually sized to accommodate the tenant’s business. Some examples could be showrooms for car dealerships or goods, refrigeration or cold storage, and heavy manufacturing (which consists of heavy machinery, power necessities, and chemicals).
  • Retail – Commercial retail properties sell products or services directly to consumers. These are tenants that have restaurants or single shopping stores. To be considered retail, the tenant’s business would need to fit, for example, with the rest of the neighborhood strip malls or shopping centers. It could also have a complete standalone spot with a smaller operation. Community retail centers, however, are a mix of big box stores such as Target or Walmart, and are typically larger in dimension.
  • Hospitality – Hospitality is another popular business venture. It caters to all kinds of traffic, from travelers to locals, and for business and pleasure. Hospitality can be an amusement park for the family or a motel or resort. Commercial hospitality businesses could be either extended-stay or budget hotels, full and limited service hotels, and even short-term rentals.
  • Multi-family – These are typically residential properties with more than one unit. Oftentimes, the owner will transition from residential to commercial and turn these buildings into multi-family or multi-tenant properties. These commercial multi-family units can be duplex/triplex, mid-rise and high-rise apartments, garden apartments, senior assisted living, or even student housing, depending on the location and building type.
  • Office – Tenants seeking a more professional business entity can seek commercial office space. Depending on the building and where it’s located, the office space can be used for medical purposes and commercially zoned homes, as well as suburban office space.

Commercial Maintenance

Whether you’re a renter or property owner, you know the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance. So, what does regular maintenance look like? Anything from turf installation and repair to hardscape installation and landscape lighting, your commercial property maintenance Denver team should include everything your property needs. This includes commercial snow removal services in Denver and ice management, drainage, shrub and tree planting, and even commercial lawn maintenance.

This should give you a pretty good idea of which category your future business will fit into, and how important it is to have regular property maintenance. The service professionals at Local Motion Services provide 24/7 commercial property maintenance and care. Call or email us today to get started!

Commercial Lanscape Construction 101

The outside of your business property should be just as functional and appealing to the eye as the inside of it is. Your landscape presents itself to you customers or clients way before they step foot into your store. So, the development of your commercial landscaping Denver business is highly important when presenting a functional and inviting environment for your customers. Business property maintenance is also key in keeping a steady flow of customers and adding value to your property.

The Basics Elements of Commercial Landscape

Whether you’re a new owner or have been on the property for some time, you may not have paid much attention to detail. Now that you’re thinking about your property, consider when the last time was that you had commercial landscaping Denver professionals maintain the grounds. Your customers will form an opinion of your business based on their first glance, so having an immaculate landscape will help to transform their opinion into a positive one. Some businesses share building space with a handful of other small businesses. For example, a small, quaint cafe can be lumped in an extensive building that occupies diverse trades such as a vape shop, a bookstore, and a cellular repair shop. It’s not your typical cafe ambience, and chances are that your outside setting may need a little sprucing up. If your business was set amongst other comparable trades, you’d have a better advantage creating a complimenting setting for your customers.

It doesn’t mean that the charming cafe that shares space with different kinds of business can’t occupy a beautiful, lush landscape around their business property, but you may just run into some hindrances. Location is everything for your business, and your commercial landscape as well! If you’re the owner of a large building that accommodates more than one business, you’ll want to make a nice looking outdoor setting anyway. Aesthetics aside, a well-manicured landscape is safe for your renters and customers. Overgrown ivy, coarse shrubs, and chipped and broken concrete pose hazards to your customers. Plus, an unkempt landscape just looks awful. You can show that you care about the renters and their business by caring for the maintenance of the property. It’s a way to help your renters keep the steady customer flow, and in turn, increase the value. Just a few basic techniques that professionals use to spruce up your second home will make all the difference come time for retirement or selling.

When your commercial landscaper comes to service your property, they will use a few main elements to determine how your landscape should look: transitions, paths, focal points, and balance. The right transition means that you take care when making a drastic landscape change so as not to disrupt the current design. There are paths and lines that are unnoticeable to the untrained eye, but are quite apparent to the commercial landscaper. The handy team will be sure to map out any pathways or walkways for pedestrian use to create a natural flow. Lastly, balance is a must. Unorganized or mismatched styles can look unappealing to customers.

Commercial Landscaping Done Right

When you hire a commercial landscaping Denver contractor, they’ll soften the surroundings of architectural angles by installing plants in the correct placement. Taking your business into consideration, the landscape professionals can design a space that reflects your business and the surrounding area. They may install fountains or man-made ponds to create an attractive space around your business property. Commercial landscaping also includes pruning, lawn planting, natural fencing, weeding and mowing, and fertilizing to boost a healthy and lush scape.

Is it time to give your commercial property a little makeover? Local Motion Services can create an ideal aesthetic that’s functional and appealing to you and your customers. Contact us today and take advantage of our 24/7 commercial property maintenance services!

What is Resurfacing a Parking Lot?

What is Resurfacing a Parking Lot?

Your business is more than your brick and mortar. When you own your property, you own the surrounding areas like the parking spaces and lights for visibility. Your parking lot is actually the first element that stands out in front of your business. Cracked pavement, shifting concrete, and potholes should never be a problem in the parking lot of your business. With a little general maintenance and clean up, you can take care of this problem. Resurfacing your parking lot is just one of those necessary things!

Sealing the Deal

So what kind of maintenance does resurfacing require? Well, that would all depend on if your parking lot is concrete or asphalt. These two different materials are installed differently as well. Concrete is a mixture of aggregates, cement, and water. When the mixture dries, it hardens to create the look that we call concrete. It’s a quick-drying material so you don’t have to worry about finding temporary lot spacing. Concrete, if not mixed properly, can lack water, which makes the mixture denser and stronger, but this usually leads to cracking or brittle pavement soon enough. Concrete installation requires a bit more effort than that of asphalt. Whereas asphalt areas are simpler to prepare for an overlay, asphalt parking lots may also need a little more maintenance throughout the year, especially if you live in climate zones with colder weather.

Both installations take time and effort, and this is simply not a DIY project to take on yourself. It requires a skilled Denver parking lot repair contractor.

So depending on the type of lot, you can expect anything from general cleaning to restoring the pavement with the sealcoat. This is general maintenance. However, when it comes to resurfacing, you can expect a little more involvement. These maintenance procedures involve breaking through a few inches of the surface of your current pavement to replace it with new asphalt or concrete. This is done after 10 to 15 years, and it appears as a fresh new surface layer across your parking lot.

When You Should Consider Parking Lot Resurfacing

Aside from the obvious giant cracks or shifts in cement, your parking lot should be resurfaced depending on the age. Even if you don’t have too much damage and you perform regular maintenance, the surface area will eventually lose its luster. So, for visual aesthetics, resurfacing your parking lot will enhance the overall aesthetic of your property and business. Another valid reason to consider resurfacing is if you notice significant damage, year after year, on one particular spot that you maintain. This could be a sign of deeper damage that a Denver parking lot repair service can determine.

Damage done from snow plowing can increase the need to resurface or reseal your parking lot sooner. Faded lines from too much sun exposure, heavy rain, and wind are culprits in parking spaces or zones that require distinct lines. It’s important to keep these lines and spaces clear, especially for those who require handicap zones.

Commercial or industrial lots tend to be susceptible to warping. This warping can take place when heavy- duty trucks maneuver in and out of delivery zones or parking spaces. Warping can shift the surface to make it uneven, while causing a deeper issue internally.

A Denver parking lot repair service should be on your emergency list of VIPs. Your business is only as good as the property! Eventually, you’re going to need an expert to resurface your parking lot to enhance the functionality and quality of your business. The Local Motion experts offer 24/7 commercial property maintenance Denver, including sweeping, handyman projects, Denver asphalt repair work, concrete flat work, and more. Call them today!

How to Repair Damaged Concrete?

Concrete is a popular material used in making driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and other interior and exterior structures. Although it’s widely used by most construction companies, it’s not foolproof. After a while, most things need patching or fixing. This goes for concrete, too. The best part about concrete is that it’s a longer-lasting material than any other substance used in construction. Let’s take a look at the overall life expectancy of these materials to determine how concrete repair workers in Denver make these adjustments.

Concrete Evidence – The Many Faces of Concrete

It certainly isn’t a new substance to the world of construction. When making rock-hard and reliable surfaces and platforms, construction workers everywhere know that for many projects, if not all, concrete will stand up to most wear and tear over time. It is the most commonly used foundation structure because of its strength and tolerance. Yes, concrete is known for its ability to strengthen over time! It truly has more value than most substances, in this sense. Concrete is sustainable, fire-resistant, and budget-friendly. When you think of concrete structures, you envision buildings such as schools, medical facilities, and even parking garages. Those are great examples of sturdy and reliable uses for concrete. But did you know some homeowners actually use concrete for their countertops and flooring? Concrete is used for stairs, decorative decor, fireplaces, and much more. It truly has come a long way! Floating decks on wide bodies of water are another popular use of concrete. So, how does one repair a concrete object like a fireplace or building in a busy city like Denver? Well, it takes a concrete repair Denver contractor to make this repair.

How to Repair Damaged Concrete

Distressed concrete can happen for a variety of reasons. Bad placement procedures, inadequate concrete, improper upgrades, and severe weather conditions… all of these factors play a role in the quality of life of your concrete driveway, and should, ideally, be repaired by a qualified contractor.

So let’s say that instead of repairing your entire driveway after a long, snowy winter here in Denver, you just want to cut costs and make the repairs that pose the greatest threat. You can certainly chip away at the most obvious parts of your driveway first. Any winter weather damage (snow removal, ice) will most likely be obvious by Spring and can be patched up nicely before the heat of Summer. But before you make any repairs or invest in materials, you must determine the cause of the damage. Once that’s assessed, you’ll be able to get the correct supplies for the job. Patching or filling small cracks yourself is fine for a temporary fix, but for a long term solution, you’ll need a co tractor. The type of concrete you’d get off the shelf versus the professional grade concrete a Denver contractor will use differ greatly. Let’s take a look at some repairs that can add greatly to your quality of life, if done right.

  • Driveways – Whether long or short driveways, if you live in a cold climate like in Denver, you know the winters can be rough, especially when you have to shovel! There are several inexpensive fillers used to repair minor cracks in your concrete driveway; however, it is not recommended for major repairs.
  • Concrete porch – your concrete porch is a little different in terms of wear and tear. While you might not get the same heavy impact as on a driveway, you’ll still want an aesthetically- pleasing porch. Minor cracks and broken edges can be repaired also with temporary filler.
  • Other areas of concrete – if there are other areas of your home that require patching concrete, you may be able to get away with using store bought filler.


Repairing concrete damage is a very tedious process and requires mapping out the process, the right tools, and the time of day. Although you can get away with temporary fixes, your best course of action is to contact a concrete repairs Denver Colorado contractor. Local Motion is a team of concrete professionals, snow removal experts, and landscaping techs. For 24/7 maintenance, call them today!

The Best Way to Clear Snow from a Long Driveway

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when snow and festivities fill the air – and your yard! Your aesthetically-pleasing driveway will certainly be covered with beautiful snow before you head to work, so planning ahead is essential. Before you consider searching “commercial snow removal services in Denver,” let’s figure out what kind of driveway you have. That will determine the best way to remove snow from your long driveway. if you are finding best snow removal Denver, Hire local motion.

The Long Haul

There are many types of driveways nowadays. Some are more suitable for colder climates and some for warmer climates. Basalt driveways have a unique look and are very low-maintenance, regardless of climate. Basalt mimics the brick look; however, it takes a skilled company to do it the right way. Traditionally, concrete driveways are popular. It’s cost-effective and you don’t have to worry much about durability. Concrete is generally considered made to last while offering flexibility in its appearance. You can add style and texture to this kind of driveway to make it look more expensive. That being said, concrete is affected by extremely cold weather and should be taken into consideration when you’re researching commercial snow removal near me. Asphalt comes in as second most popular because of its cost and the benefits of it being just one color (black) affects the melting snow. While it’s pretty cost-effective and limited in customization, you’ll have to get it resealed every few years.

For the best surface traction, tar and chip driveways are your best bet, especially for those snowy, cold winter days. Although the initial installation is cost-effective, the upkeep can be pricey. Tar and Chip driveways require some maintenance throughout the year, especially during the heavy snow season. Brick paver driveways are made from natural stone, brick, or concrete and are guaranteed to withstand some heavy cold weather. You have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and it looks great all year long. It will definitely maximize the potential of your home. With that being said, it is expensive. Cobblestone is another beautiful driveway option that adds timeless appeal to your home. If you have a combo stone driveway, you know that there are multiple design choices. Cobblestone is durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Crushed stone or seashell driveways similar to gravel only provide a smoother surface. With crushed stone or seashell, you can find a variety of colors. The drawback is that it’s not the easiest for Denver snow removal services. It can be done, but in the spring, you will want to maintain your driveway again. Lastly, gravel driveways are expensive, yet readily available. When it comes to winter, gravel driveways are excellent for the melting snow, assisting in the runoff of water. Gravel will need to be replenished over time as they are small rocks that can move and shift, especially when you plow the snow.

There are several effective methods for clearing snow from your private road or long driveway. We don’t suggest using a shovel. Heavy-duty and time- saving options are your best bet.

A high powered snowblower is one way that you can get your private driveway or road cleared effectively and efficiently in a matter of time. Full power snow blowers require the right gear as well, like having the right pair of gloves and boots. You’ll want a gas powered two or three stage snow blower in order to chip away the ice and clear away packed or wet snow efficiently. If you know how to maneuver a truck with a snow plow attached, you may be able to get through the tough layers of ice and snow.

However, your best bet is to plan “commercial snow removal near me” and call someone local. These snow removal specialists have all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right so you don’t have to. The expert team at Local Motion Services has your back when it comes to snow removal, asphalt work, paint services, and handyman projects. Get in touch with the team to get a quote for the season!

Why You Should Complete Asphalt Repair Before Winter

Business owners have a responsibility to their customers to keep their commercial property safe and inviting. It’s just smart business sense. That care extends to your parking area, and if it’s seen better days, you should consider completing asphalt repair before winter. Here’s why:

Top reason for asphalt repair before winter hits

You probably learned in middle school science that frozen water expands. If you have cracks in your parking lot asphalt, water will seep in. If that water sitting in those holes and cracks then freezes, game over. Very quickly, those existing holes and cracks will become much larger problems. Before that happens, they’re a great reason to complete asphalt repair before winter. 

Smooth pavement impact on snow and ice

Another good reason to tackle asphalt repair Denver before the flakes fly is that smooth pavement allows snow and ice to melt more quickly after a storm. New asphalt is very dark in color. Dark colors attract the sun. Sun provides heat and heat melts snow and ice.  

You won’t be able to once the snow starts

The summer and fall are great times to address any asphalt problems that you have. Once the winter weather arrives, it will be too late. Asphalt crews don’t typically resurface areas in the winter months and, in fact, most asphalt plants close during the winter because of the low demand.  

How to find a crew for asphalt repair

The best way to find a crew for asphalt repair is to ask around. If you have a landscaping crew that takes care of your property, they might also offer the service or know someone who does. You can also do an internet search of your area, but be sure to choose a company that gets good reviews from past customers. 

How To Do Commercial Landscaping Right

Commercial property owners know that keeping their space in good shape is both a good business decision, and the best way to attract customers. Commercial landscaping is one way to do just that and it pays to do it right. Consider these ways that you can make good landscaping efforts even better. 

Direct traffic with commercial landscaping

Did you know that your commercial landscaping could actually help direct traffic on your property and keep your customers safe during their visit? You can direct people to the front entrance of your space with statement plants or trees. Walkways and pathways can be lined with trees or brick walls that add both design aesthetic and function. Customers will know exactly where to go and get there safely. 

An opportunity to make your building shine

Commercial landscaping can also accentuate your building. When the designer and builder constructed the property, they had a certain aesthetic in mind and probably spent time fine tuning the architecture of the space. Keep the fine tuning going by carefully selecting trees, bushes, and shrubs that will also accentuate the space. You could even continue the natural elements inside of your building with landscaped courtyards or planters. 

Think of the future

When implementing a commercial landscaping plan, it’s important to consider how the plants will look once they mature. It’s also important to consider how long they’ll last and what maintenance they’ll require. An experienced and knowledgeable commercial landscaping company can help make these plans simple and your landscaping looking great year round. 

Use your commercial landscaping

Did you know that commercial landscaping can do so much more to help your commercial building operate more efficiently? You might even save on your annual costs to heat and cool the building with the right landscaping plans in place. Consider adding trees to offer shade in the summer. Those same trees can block cold winds in the winter. You can also capture water run off from the drainage system for use to water plants or for other innovative uses. 

Tips For Keeping Up With Commercial Property Maintenance

Being a commercial property owner comes with plenty of responsibility. You have to worry about keeping your customers safe when they visit, and about keeping the property in a visually appealing way so that new customers feel comfortable stopping in. If you’re new to commercial property maintenance in Denver, you might want to consider a few ways to help make it easier. 

Know your space for commercial property maintenance

It’s important as a commercial property maintenance owner that you fully know every square inch of your property. Know the buildings and the surfaces on which customers walk and drive. Over time, you’ll even better understand the idiosyncrasies of the space and be able to develop a priority list for taking the best care of it. You should do routine inspections of the entire property, or, hire a trusted commercial property maintenance company to do so for you. 

Make a commercial property maintenance plan

It’s always smart to develop a plan and to establish priorities for taking care of your property and your investment. A little bit of forward-thinking, and a plan to complete preventative maintenance on the systems within your building, could save you a ton of money and heartburn in the long run. Consider regular inspections and your plumbing, electrical, HVAC, infrastructure, wear and term, and even landscaping. During inspections, you can identify what needs attention long before it causes problems on your property.   

The benefits of having a trusted partner

If you own commercial property within which you run a business, you won’t have time or energy for all of these inspections and ongoing maintenance. Instead, you should trust a responsive and reputable commercial maintenance company to handle it for you. If you need help finding one, you can ask fellow business owners, call the local Chamber of Commerce, or even search social media for these companies operating in your area. 

The benefits of professional property maintenance

There are tremendous benefits to hiring someone to worry about this stuff for you. You’ll quickly see that it will reduce your overall costs for maintenance. The crew will keep your property looking nice and in good shape. Regular attention will prevent accidents and injuries for customers and employees alike. And keeping up your property will probably even raise your values.