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The Best Way to Clear Snow from a Long Driveway

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when snow and festivities fill the air – and your yard! Your aesthetically-pleasing driveway will certainly be covered with beautiful snow before you head to work, so planning ahead is essential. Before you consider searching “commercial snow removal services in Denver,” let’s figure out what kind of driveway you have. That will determine the best way to remove snow from your long driveway. if you are finding best snow removal Denver, Hire local motion.

The Long Haul

There are many types of driveways nowadays. Some are more suitable for colder climates and some for warmer climates. Basalt driveways have a unique look and are very low-maintenance, regardless of climate. Basalt mimics the brick look; however, it takes a skilled company to do it the right way. Traditionally, concrete driveways are popular. It’s cost-effective and you don’t have to worry much about durability. Concrete is generally considered made to last while offering flexibility in its appearance. You can add style and texture to this kind of driveway to make it look more expensive. That being said, concrete is affected by extremely cold weather and should be taken into consideration when you’re researching commercial snow removal near me. Asphalt comes in as second most popular because of its cost and the benefits of it being just one color (black) affects the melting snow. While it’s pretty cost-effective and limited in customization, you’ll have to get it resealed every few years.

For the best surface traction, tar and chip driveways are your best bet, especially for those snowy, cold winter days. Although the initial installation is cost-effective, the upkeep can be pricey. Tar and Chip driveways require some maintenance throughout the year, especially during the heavy snow season. Brick paver driveways are made from natural stone, brick, or concrete and are guaranteed to withstand some heavy cold weather. You have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, and it looks great all year long. It will definitely maximize the potential of your home. With that being said, it is expensive. Cobblestone is another beautiful driveway option that adds timeless appeal to your home. If you have a combo stone driveway, you know that there are multiple design choices. Cobblestone is durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Crushed stone or seashell driveways similar to gravel only provide a smoother surface. With crushed stone or seashell, you can find a variety of colors. The drawback is that it’s not the easiest for Denver snow removal services. It can be done, but in the spring, you will want to maintain your driveway again. Lastly, gravel driveways are expensive, yet readily available. When it comes to winter, gravel driveways are excellent for the melting snow, assisting in the runoff of water. Gravel will need to be replenished over time as they are small rocks that can move and shift, especially when you plow the snow.

There are several effective methods for clearing snow from your private road or long driveway. We don’t suggest using a shovel. Heavy-duty and time- saving options are your best bet.

A high powered snowblower is one way that you can get your private driveway or road cleared effectively and efficiently in a matter of time. Full power snow blowers require the right gear as well, like having the right pair of gloves and boots. You’ll want a gas powered two or three stage snow blower in order to chip away the ice and clear away packed or wet snow efficiently. If you know how to maneuver a truck with a snow plow attached, you may be able to get through the tough layers of ice and snow.

However, your best bet is to plan “commercial snow removal near me” and call someone local. These snow removal specialists have all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right so you don’t have to. The expert team at Local Motion Services has your back when it comes to snow removal, asphalt work, paint services, and handyman projects. Get in touch with the team to get a quote for the season!

Why You Should Complete Asphalt Repair Before Winter

Business owners have a responsibility to their customers to keep their commercial property safe and inviting. It’s just smart business sense. That care extends to your parking area, and if it’s seen better days, you should consider completing asphalt repair before winter. Here’s why:

Top reason for asphalt repair before winter hits

You probably learned in middle school science that frozen water expands. If you have cracks in your parking lot asphalt, water will seep in. If that water sitting in those holes and cracks then freezes, game over. Very quickly, those existing holes and cracks will become much larger problems. Before that happens, they’re a great reason to complete asphalt repair before winter. 

Smooth pavement impact on snow and ice

Another good reason to tackle asphalt repair Denver before the flakes fly is that smooth pavement allows snow and ice to melt more quickly after a storm. New asphalt is very dark in color. Dark colors attract the sun. Sun provides heat and heat melts snow and ice.  

You won’t be able to once the snow starts

The summer and fall are great times to address any asphalt problems that you have. Once the winter weather arrives, it will be too late. Asphalt crews don’t typically resurface areas in the winter months and, in fact, most asphalt plants close during the winter because of the low demand.  

How to find a crew for asphalt repair

The best way to find a crew for asphalt repair is to ask around. If you have a landscaping crew that takes care of your property, they might also offer the service or know someone who does. You can also do an internet search of your area, but be sure to choose a company that gets good reviews from past customers. 

Why You Should Consider Snow Removal Services in the Off Season

It’s hard during the gloriously warm, summer months to think about winter in Denver or the 60-plus inches of snow that fall on the Mile High City each year. But, if you’re a commercial property owner, you should. Doing so might even save you some serious money, among other benefits, by arranging Denver snow removal services in the off-season.

Savings on Denver snow removal services

Chances are, if you lock into contract months in advance, you’ll get some savings out of the deal. You should contact a few companies that specialize in Denver snow removal services to inquire if they would extend a special, off-season deal if you were to sign on the dotted line months ahead. If you are willing to sign a multi-year contract for said services, you might even stand to save more.   

Be the first on the list for Denver snow removal services 

Another benefit of securing snow removal services is that you’ll be on the top of the list when the flakes fly. Many companies create routes based on proximity from one business to the next. If you’re late to the table in getting a contract for these services, you might end up waiting much longer in cue-based on predetermined routes. And if your business depends on early morning foot traffic, that might be a detriment and present safety hazards.   

Avoid safety hazards and keep customers safe

Having a contract for snow removal services that you can depend on will deliver peace of mind and keep your customers, and even your employees, safe. Slips and falls on ice and snow are all too common in the winter months and can lead to costly litigation for property owners. Nip the problem in the bud by contacting a service that will keep your property tidy and safe. 

Enjoy your commute on a snowy morning 

Property owners can experience stress and worry if snow removal services fall on their plates. Rather than worry, leave the responsibility up to a company that specializes in it. That way, when the flakes fly, you can take your time getting into the office and keep your safety and the safety of your employees front and center. 

Denver Snow Removal Services

The Advantages of Letting the Pros Handle Snow Removal

As the months of epic snowstorms descend on Colorado, one thing is certain, the snow plows will be out in full force. Imagine what your commute would be like without these road warriors. If you’re a business owner, you also have to think about your property, and you should definitely let the pros handle snow removal this year. 

Increased safety with professional snow removal

One of the top reasons for letting the pros handle snow removal this year is safety—yours and your customers. The professionals will be the ones up early to brave the icy and snow-covered roads to clear the way for you to conduct business. They also know exactly what they’re doing ensuring the safe removal of the white stuff and a parking area that will be safe for your customers.   

Speedy snow removal

Professional snow removal is also fast. In fact, snow plow drivers or truck drivers with plows on their front end are usually up hours before the rest of us to get the roads and parking lots cleared in time for a morning commute. Just think about that extra time warm in your bed that you won’t have to worry about how much snow fell overnight because someone else is taking care of it for you.  

Convenience and results

Companies that handle snow removal are also well-equipped for the service. They have trucks and plows, and specialized equipment to help them haul the snow away in the event that too much fell during a storm. Hiring someone to handle this for you is one less thing you’ll have to worry about as a business owner, and will deliver results.  

One less thing to worry about

As a business owner you probably have a lot on your mind from your financials to how best to serve your customers. You should spend more time worrying about those things, and more time doing the things that you’re really good at than worrying about silly things like snow removal. While it’s a necessity for the safe operation of a business, leaving it to the pros clears more mental space and time for you to worry about the important things. 


4 Benefits of Residential Snow Removal Services This Winter

When the flakes start flying in late fall or early winter, it’s a sure bet that snow removal will soon follow. Maybe you don’t have the equipment on hand, many you don’t want to rise before the sun to get rid of the snow before anyone needs to leave, or maybe you’d just rather stay warm and snug under the covers for a bit longer. If you’re not up for doing it yourself this year, here are four benefits of residential snow removal that you should consider right now. 

We’ll bring the equipment to handle residential snow removal

For small driveways, a simple shovel might do the trick, but not before exhausting you before your day has even started. Local Motion has all the equipment ready to go that will make residential snow removal lightning fast and efficient. We have snow blowers, ATVs, plow trucks with 6 or 8 foot blades, front end loaders, skid skeers, and dump trucks for hauling. We have you covered no matter if the storm leaves a couple of inches behind or several feet.   

Keep up your curb appeal

Admit it, after a few snow storms and consistent cold temperatures, the piles of icy grey snow at the end of your driveway are pretty unsightly. Leave removal up to Local Motion and improve your curb appeal immediately. Our fleet of equipment can handle a major snow storm, or removal of snow after several storms. Call us today to learn more about our residential snow removal services.  

Prevent accidents with residential snow removal

Having someone take care of snow removal for you means you’ll be less vulnerable to accidents related to snow or ice. These accidents could happen walking across your driveway or driving your car onto the road. By having a professional company handle snow removal, they can pull out all the stops to make sure you’re as safe as possible after the storm has passed. 

Don’t lose any time 

Face it, when you wake up in the morning to find that snow has fallen over night that will need to be dealt with before you can leave for work, that scenario can easily add an hour or more to your morning routine. Don’t chance being late to work. Instead, count on the pros to handle it for you so that when you peek out the window before heading out to start your car, your driveway will be cleared and ready to go.