How to Repair Damaged Concrete?

Concrete is a popular material used in making driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and other interior and exterior structures. Although it’s widely used by most construction companies, it’s not foolproof. After a while, most things need patching or fixing. This goes for concrete, too. The best part about concrete is that it’s a longer-lasting material than any other substance used in construction. Let’s take a look at the overall life expectancy of these materials to determine how concrete repair workers in Denver make these adjustments.

Concrete Evidence – The Many Faces of Concrete

It certainly isn’t a new substance to the world of construction. When making rock-hard and reliable surfaces and platforms, construction workers everywhere know that for many projects, if not all, concrete will stand up to most wear and tear over time. It is the most commonly used foundation structure because of its strength and tolerance. Yes, concrete is known for its ability to strengthen over time! It truly has more value than most substances, in this sense. Concrete is sustainable, fire-resistant, and budget-friendly. When you think of concrete structures, you envision buildings such as schools, medical facilities, and even parking garages. Those are great examples of sturdy and reliable uses for concrete. But did you know some homeowners actually use concrete for their countertops and flooring? Concrete is used for stairs, decorative decor, fireplaces, and much more. It truly has come a long way! Floating decks on wide bodies of water are another popular use of concrete. So, how does one repair a concrete object like a fireplace or building in a busy city like Denver? Well, it takes a concrete repair Denver contractor to make this repair.

How to Repair Damaged Concrete

Distressed concrete can happen for a variety of reasons. Bad placement procedures, inadequate concrete, improper upgrades, and severe weather conditions… all of these factors play a role in the quality of life of your concrete driveway, and should, ideally, be repaired by a qualified contractor.

So let’s say that instead of repairing your entire driveway after a long, snowy winter here in Denver, you just want to cut costs and make the repairs that pose the greatest threat. You can certainly chip away at the most obvious parts of your driveway first. Any winter weather damage (snow removal, ice) will most likely be obvious by Spring and can be patched up nicely before the heat of Summer. But before you make any repairs or invest in materials, you must determine the cause of the damage. Once that’s assessed, you’ll be able to get the correct supplies for the job. Patching or filling small cracks yourself is fine for a temporary fix, but for a long term solution, you’ll need a co tractor. The type of concrete you’d get off the shelf versus the professional grade concrete a Denver contractor will use differ greatly. Let’s take a look at some repairs that can add greatly to your quality of life, if done right.

  • Driveways – Whether long or short driveways, if you live in a cold climate like in Denver, you know the winters can be rough, especially when you have to shovel! There are several inexpensive fillers used to repair minor cracks in your concrete driveway; however, it is not recommended for major repairs.
  • Concrete porch – your concrete porch is a little different in terms of wear and tear. While you might not get the same heavy impact as on a driveway, you’ll still want an aesthetically- pleasing porch. Minor cracks and broken edges can be repaired also with temporary filler.
  • Other areas of concrete – if there are other areas of your home that require patching concrete, you may be able to get away with using store bought filler.


Repairing concrete damage is a very tedious process and requires mapping out the process, the right tools, and the time of day. Although you can get away with temporary fixes, your best course of action is to contact a concrete repairs Denver Colorado contractor. Local Motion is a team of concrete professionals, snow removal experts, and landscaping techs. For 24/7 maintenance, call them today!

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