Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Tips

Business owners have a responsibility to their clients and customers to ensure their safety in the parking lot outside of the business. When a parking lot is in bad shape with people unable to see the lines differentiating one parking spot from another, car accidents are more likely. Not to mention the dangers that lurk when the surface begins failing, chipping away at the concrete or asphalt and leaving gaping potholes big enough to swallow a whole tire in their wake. If your parking lot could use some love, here are a few tips from professionals specializing in parking lot repair

Parking lot repair comes first 

If your parking lot is in bad shape, the best first thing you can do is to call in a professional parking lot repair company to access the damage. They will work up a quote on getting the space back to brand new. This might include milling of the existing surface to remove failing concrete or asphalt which is followed by adding new base material and regrading the lot before installing and compacting new asphalt. Painting and striping will follow before you’re left with a great looking parking lot that will serve you for years to come if well maintained. 

Keep it clean

Once your new parking lot is finished, it’s important to keep it clean. This offers a great first impression to new customers when visiting your business. It also allows the property owner to inspect the lot at regular intervals so that you can spy any small problems that could quickly become big ones with a little immediate attention. It’s important to regularly look for damage especially if your parking lot has a lot of customer traffic. 


To go an extra step in protecting your parking lot, you can discuss sealcoating with your parking lot professionals. Seal coating is the application of a thin layer of sealant on top of your parking lot surface that will protect it from harsh elements like UV rays, salt, water, oil, and even gas. Experts agree that seal coating the surface every few years can extend the life span of your parking lot surface by more than double.

Consider a maintenance contract

People who run businesses are busy. And you’d probably like to spend your time actually running your business and doing the things you’re good at and that make you money. Consider signing a maintenance contract with a Denver parking lot repair company and leave the care of this space completely in their hands giving you one less thing to worry about.

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