Signs You Need Parking Lot Striping


The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1990 and provided for legal protections for American with disabilities. One item included in that bill is the recommendation to businesses that they incorporate handicap-specific parking in their parking lots. If you don’t have them, there is no time like the present and a crew specializing in parking lot striping is exactly what you need. 

Problematic parking signals  

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to bring in a parking lot striping crew is if your clients and customers are parking badly. Their bad parking jobs might not be through any fault of their own, and could, in fact, be because your parking lot striping isn’t signalling where they should park. If you’re seeing this happen, or getting a lot of complaints from your customers about parking, maybe it’s time to consider a paint job. 

Handicapped spots aren’t so obvious

The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates the existence of handicap parking spots within your parking lot by a specific ratio determined by your total number of spots. If you don’t have handicapped spots, or if it’s hard to tell which ones are which, maybe it’s time to call in a painting crew to make those spots, enforced by law, easier to see.  You could also be fined for not having them by the town or state in which you live. 

Foundation issues in your parking lot

If parking lines are the least of your worries because your parking lot is riddled with potholes or crumbling cement or asphalt that is in terrible shape, it might be time to consider a newly laid parking lot. Your customer will appreciate the investment. If you do pour a new parking lot, hiring a parking lot striping crew will be the inevitable next step.  

It’s been a while

Parking lot striping is exposed to the constant onslaught of weather, harsh sunlight, and constant traffic. Over time, the paint does fade naturally. If it’s been a while since you had your lot striped, say 5 years or more, it might be time to call in a crew and get a quote on a restriping project.

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