What are the Types of Commercial Property?

Commercial real estate has many uses for many businesses. From condo buildings to recreational use, you’ll see all kinds of businesses taking up commercial space. While you may find many different kinds of businesses inhabiting a commercial building or property, there are just a few categories these businesses fall under. What’s more, who keeps up with the building maintenance? Does the entire building or lot fall under one owner? Who’s responsible to call the commercial property maintenance Denver contractors? To better answer these questions, let’s take a look at the types of commercial property .

Commercial Property Types

More than likely you’ve seen a condo building, so you know that the majority (if not all) of the spaces in that building are used for renting or lodging. Each commercial property is maintained by the person or group who owns the entire building. Several owners may be involved in one large commercial property. Here are 5 types of properties you’ll find:

  • Industrial – Industrial commercial properties involve tenants who usually use this facility for storage or manufacturing only. With industrial properties, the building’s exterior will look somewhat classy and professional, but maintain an overall clean appearance. Industrial buildings will include a variety of tenants that range from flex and bulk warehouses to storage spaces that are individually sized to accommodate the tenant’s business. Some examples could be showrooms for car dealerships or goods, refrigeration or cold storage, and heavy manufacturing (which consists of heavy machinery, power necessities, and chemicals).
  • Retail – Commercial retail properties sell products or services directly to consumers. These are tenants that have restaurants or single shopping stores. To be considered retail, the tenant’s business would need to fit, for example, with the rest of the neighborhood strip malls or shopping centers. It could also have a complete standalone spot with a smaller operation. Community retail centers, however, are a mix of big box stores such as Target or Walmart, and are typically larger in dimension.
  • Hospitality – Hospitality is another popular business venture. It caters to all kinds of traffic, from travelers to locals, and for business and pleasure. Hospitality can be an amusement park for the family or a motel or resort. Commercial hospitality businesses could be either extended-stay or budget hotels, full and limited service hotels, and even short-term rentals.
  • Multi-family – These are typically residential properties with more than one unit. Oftentimes, the owner will transition from residential to commercial and turn these buildings into multi-family or multi-tenant properties. These commercial multi-family units can be duplex/triplex, mid-rise and high-rise apartments, garden apartments, senior assisted living, or even student housing, depending on the location and building type.
  • Office – Tenants seeking a more professional business entity can seek commercial office space. Depending on the building and where it’s located, the office space can be used for medical purposes and commercially zoned homes, as well as suburban office space.

Commercial Maintenance

Whether you’re a renter or property owner, you know the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance. So, what does regular maintenance look like? Anything from turf installation and repair to hardscape installation and landscape lighting, your commercial property maintenance Denver team should include everything your property needs. This includes commercial snow removal services in Denver and ice management, drainage, shrub and tree planting, and even commercial lawn maintenance.

This should give you a pretty good idea of which category your future business will fit into, and how important it is to have regular property maintenance. The service professionals at Local Motion Services provide 24/7 commercial property maintenance and care. Call or email us today to get started!

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