What Kind of Paint Do You Use for Parking Lot Lines?

Artists use acrylics and home owners use flat paint and semi-gloss. Every type of industry uses a specific tool that compliments the work that is involved. It’s no different with property maintenance, residential and commercial. Highways, parking lots and even driveways need specific paint products that will last longer than average paint. The lines you notice when you’re pulling into a parking spot help others park at a safe distance from your car, and give guidance as to what to expect at the location around them. Whether you’re looking to restripe your entire lot or put a fresh new coat, your parking lot striping Denver contractors can seal and coat your commercial lot efficiently and in no time.

Striping is important for both aesthetics and safety, and it must be used cautiously with asphalt and concrete repairs Denver. Striping on concrete requires rubber paint for maximum adherence, while striping asphalt requires a waterborne coating. Temperatures must be 45 degrees fahrenheit or above before striping or sealing occurs, too. This temperature is essential for getting the most out of the paint when it is applied. You’ll mostly likely run into paints that are oil and water based, and canned aerosol paints. Aerosol line paint is proven to be the easiest paint to apply, especially when you just need a minor touch-up here and there. It is no replacement for the real deal, but it’ll do the job until the pros get there. It’s also wise to figure how much you’ll be spending on this canned paint, which can be tricky to assess at first. Chances are if you’re finding yourself spending more than you’d like, maybe it’s time to call the parking lot striping Denver professionals for an accurate quote. Oil-based paint is also a great product for striping the lot. If there aren’t restrictions against using oil-based paint, you may want to ask your local contractor about this excellent paint type. That said, for environmental purposes, oil-based paint has been banned in some states. And so the use of water-based (or waterborne) paint has been the go-to, environmentally friendly replacement. Use of water-based paint can be tricky, but with the help of a trusted professional, you can get it done correctly. It is highly sought after and one of the most widely-used lot striping paints!

When 75% of your parking lot’s lines’ visibility is reduced, you would typically need your lot re-striped or resurfaced. However, it is said that most commercial lots get it done every two years. This would all depend on the amount of traffic you get,  too. The heavier the traffic, the more likely you are to need a touch up here and there and more frequently. The good news is that it typically doesn’t take anymore than 30 minutes for the paint to dry, but the lot should remain vacant for at least an hour. You may need two coats to create thick and more visible lines in some areas of the lot, too. If you’re a new commercial lot owner, you may not be completely aware of the laws stemming around parking lot maintenance. Perhaps you know little of them. Your parking lot needs to be compliant with the The Americans with Disabilities Act which your parking lot striping Denver contractor is mostly aware of. These laws simply help you and your customers remain in a safe environment for all of your customers, no matter their abilities. Should you fail to meet these requirements, you’ll be asked to reconfigure the lot so as to create a suitable environment for those with disabilities.

The importance of finding the right contactor is just as important as choosing the paint for your lot project. The skilled team at Local Motion provides concrete and asphalt paving, striping, snow removal Denver, and even landscaping options. Contact them today for a quote on your lot!

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