Why You Should Complete Asphalt Repair Before Winter

Business owners have a responsibility to their customers to keep their commercial property safe and inviting. It’s just smart business sense. That care extends to your parking area, and if it’s seen better days, you should consider completing asphalt repair before winter. Here’s why:

Top reason for asphalt repair before winter hits

You probably learned in middle school science that frozen water expands. If you have cracks in your parking lot asphalt, water will seep in. If that water sitting in those holes and cracks then freezes, game over. Very quickly, those existing holes and cracks will become much larger problems. Before that happens, they’re a great reason to complete asphalt repair before winter. 

Smooth pavement impact on snow and ice

Another good reason to tackle asphalt repair Denver before the flakes fly is that smooth pavement allows snow and ice to melt more quickly after a storm. New asphalt is very dark in color. Dark colors attract the sun. Sun provides heat and heat melts snow and ice.  

You won’t be able to once the snow starts

The summer and fall are great times to address any asphalt problems that you have. Once the winter weather arrives, it will be too late. Asphalt crews don’t typically resurface areas in the winter months and, in fact, most asphalt plants close during the winter because of the low demand.  

How to find a crew for asphalt repair

The best way to find a crew for asphalt repair is to ask around. If you have a landscaping crew that takes care of your property, they might also offer the service or know someone who does. You can also do an internet search of your area, but be sure to choose a company that gets good reviews from past customers. 

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